Domain age is an important factor that can affect the value of a domain name, among other criteria. You can check it here: This article will explain why domain age matters and provide tips for checking the age of a domain name.

What is domain age?

The age of a domain is the time passed since it was first registered and is calculated based on the first crawl of the website by Googlebot. Although usually measured in years, domain age can also be given in days. Domain age is one of the factors that contribute to the assessment of a domain’s quality.

Why check?

If you’re considering buying a domain name from a marketplace, it’s helpful to know the age of the domain. It can provide insights into the reputation and history of the domain. Here are some reasons why it’s important to check:

  1. Domains around longer tend to have a backlink profile and a history of existing content. This is because they usually have more links directed toward them, which is important in assessing the domain’s quality.
  2. Domains that have been around for a while usually have a higher Domain Authority (DA), a metric used to evaluate how search engines view a website compared to other websites on the internet.
  3. The age of a domain does not necessarily determine its quality. Instead, it signifies that users have interacted with it over time by leaving reviews and comments and building a reputation.

How much does the age of a domain affect SEO and Google rankings?

Many people think that the age of a website or domain doesn’t matter for SEO, but the reality is that it can affect your rankings indirectly. This is because domain age is a factor that contributes to your Domain Authority, which measures how authoritative a page is when evaluated for search engine result pages. If a domain has been used before, it will have some authority.


Search engines use different factors to determine the authority of a website, such as page content, backlinks from referring domains, and technical performance. These factors are considered to rank websites in search results. Domains that have been around for a long time may still have backlinks and authority, making them valuable for SEO.

What is the importance of checking the domain age of your competitors?

One way to assess your competition is by figuring out their domain age and the age of their backlinks. This information can show you how challenging it may be to rank your website on search engines relative to their content.

An age report can reveal information about competitors:

  1. Checking the age of your competitor domains can help you determine the level of competition and assess the difficulty of ranking your content against them.
  2. The age of your competitors refers to how long they have been in business. If a new competitor enters the market with a product similar to yours, they may need help to compete against those who have established their authority through years of experience.
  3. Assessing your competitors’ domain authority (DA) can help you find gaps in content and opportunities, especially when they are unaware of your presence in the SERPs.
  4. It’s important to have a strong backlink profile, just like your competitors. This includes having links from authoritative sites. Improving the quality of your backlinks can also increase your Domain Authority (DA).
  5. You can obtain information about the security of this business, including any issues related to phishing, scams, etc. This will give you an idea about the safety of their overall business.