The widespread introduction of blockchain technology is changing the world to new levels. Many of the things that are familiar to us are beginning to please modern users with new characteristics due to this advanced technology. For example, people who have long created YouTube video content have been personally convinced that changing the policy of this centralized platform can have a very negative impact on income. This service is also obliged to react to social processes taking place in society. This is why it can change content requirements, and it has a strong impact on the work of the creators of this platform, and it often forces them to leave the platform and abandon all their work.

Recently, however, such a service as Rokfin was created by modern developers. It uses blockchain features and functions to allow content makers to broadcast podcasts, shows, and even live events without worrying over achievements.

Essence of functioning

The Rokfin platform offers content creators an optimal way of its monetization. The specialists of the estimation say that the difference in income level is 5-7 times higher compared to popular video hosting. We believe that these are very tangible indicators that you simply cannot ignore.

Among the main strengths of this platform, there are:

  1. At Rokfin platform, content creators are rewarded when someone subscribes to their channel and for likes. And in doing so, they can join forces with other media companies to reach even larger audiences, increasing their subscription base.
  2. Every user gets content monetization tips from the system so that they can earn more money than they do at any given time.
  3. Rokfin helps content creators to contact third-party users directly. They can indicate their email during the registration process on this platform, which is visible to channel owners in their control panel. This distinguishes Rokfin from YouTube and its analogues, on which users enter the site under a made-up login. For example, if the content creator is forced to migrate to another platform, the likelihood of direct interaction with the assembled audience will be very low.

Some users doubt whether they need Rokfin app. We will give you a simple answer to this question. They can pay for a subscription and access all the content without annoying advertisements and various restrictions, which grow at an unexplained rate on centralized platforms.


RAE token

At the basis of the ecosystem that was created, there is a cryptocurrency. But we can be more precise and call this Rokfin platform token its own just RAE. At the moment, you can buy it and sell it on a platform like the decentralized exchange Uniswap. At the same time, the rate of the coin is about 1.3 USD. Any use of digital technology will be of great benefit to the project.

In fact, the creators of Rokfin did not keep stocks of RAE. They sell the coin freely, and in doing so they allow users to buy it and content creators are rewarded for it. But, in every transaction, part of the coins goes to the Rokfin management in the form of commissions. This is the reason why they are interested in further developing this project and maintaining activity within this service. However, these are not the only features. The creators of Rokfin simply burn some of the profits. Thus, RAE will decline slowly but irrevocably, and its cost will fluctuate between the extremes of the global upward trend.

Human Bean app
Human Bean

As for free downloadable applications for Android, which help developers realize their most unique ideas and use high technologies, you can always find them in specialized online directories. Play Market is wary of this type of application and often they don’t want to miss it. The reason for this is that they plan to keep themselves within their interests or are afraid to be harassed by the public or even by rights holders. But ultimately, it will help many of us reach that many users will start to download from alternative sites than with Play Market that many programs, including the official Human Bean application.